This is an ingenious product. How did you think of it?

It was thought of out of sheer frustration. We’ve all been there! You’re at a party and there are no more seats and/or tables. You stand around juggling your plate, drink, utensil, cell phone, etc. Not to mention, you put your drink down and turn around and it’s either gone, or there’s another drink very similar next to yours, but you dare not take a chance and pick up the wrong drink. Or, you just simply misplace your drink.

What an uncomfortable situation for you and the host. There just had to be a solution, and The Party Plate was it.

Can I fit any size beverage in the Coupler/Handle?

The Party Plate is probably the most versatile party plate in the marketplace. As you can see from our Photo Gallery, they are designed to hold nearly any size of beverage (i.e., cup, bottle, can, wine glass, wine flute, water goblet, water bottle, etc.).

How do you keep from spilling food all over yourself while lifting the plate to drink?

[Chuckle] You don’t have to lift your plate to drink. Keep in mind, the Coupler/Handle holds your drink. You just simply pick your drink up out of the Coupler/Handle and start drinking.

Can I just pour my drink directly into the Coupler/Handle?

We do NOT recommend that you do so, as there is the probability that you may spill food on your clothing. However, if you feel comfortable inserting a straw in the Coupler/Handle, then, by all means, have at it! But be sure the straw is long enough to prevent spillage.

I know The Party Plates are supposed to be disposable, but can they be re-used?

While The Party Plates are deemed to be disposable, they can be hand-washed (mildly) and re-used; and as they wear down, they’re affordable enough to just order more.

Can I put The Party Plates in the microwave?

Yes. But, plastic is not recommended for microwaving.

How do I keep The Party Plate balanced when I set it down on the table?

The Party Plates were designed for parties where there are not enough seats and/or tables. But if you just need to set The Party Plate down on a flat surface, be sure that your drink is in the Coupler/Handle. This will stabilize the plate.

Keep in mind, they are not meant to replace the conventional plastic/paper plates but are merely an adjunct at any function where there are not enough tables and/or chairs. 

How many Party Plates come in a box?

There are 15 Party Plates in each box.